Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Les Rallizes Denudes!

Les Rallizes Denudes!
Les Rallizes Denudes!

I refuse to understand why the fuck I haven't heard this band until now! It makes zero sense. Why didn't somebody make me listen to this years ago? What the fuck!

If you haven't heard this band yet download some of it right fucking now!

I haven't had enough time yet to sit down and listen and really wrap my head around their discography, so I am not even going to attempt to describe, review, or even grasp what they did and how culturally and/or historically important it is, we can save that for another time.

Just get it, GET it, and get into it.

I have yet to hear anything by them I didn't think was amazing, SRSLY!

Dig it, or don't!


Welcome aboard, Citizens of the Universe.

I, for better or worse, will skip any sort of inducting introduction and just get down to business, as that is what we are here for right?

A few nights ago, in a West Hollywood living room, my face was melted completely off by Seance Orchestra Cosmic Mind Zoo, a trio of wizards from "The Bay" who spend their time weaving cosmic out jams a la 1st LP Ash Ra Tempel or Tangerine Dream before Klaus Schulze hung up his drumsticks so he could sit lotus style and help invent new age. The interesting twist here is that despite the massive dose of kraut-ness they have much more of an astral love-in vibe, which CLEARLY must just drip from the fucking tap water in San Fransisco.

After I had to wait through hours and hours (note: please please please for the love of god why must soooo many bands play ever noise show ever?) of mostly lackluster sets (although the first two sets were strong and i did really fucking enjoy the gentleman who played immedately before them, whose set was essentially filling the house with a ultra thick fog and then turning off all the lights to turn the house into a fucking haunted house in the midst of a haunted moor and then creating the harsh noise soundtrack to a fucking haunted house in the midst of a haunted moor being attacked by monsters who were also scared shitless because they didn't know they were scheduled to maul humans in a fucking haunted house in the midst of a haunted moor and that even scares monsters, obviously brah) I was worried that I may have been zapped of any and all ability to enjoy anything. As soon as the bass player, wearing sunglasses indoors at 2m and somehow managing to make that seem beyond cool, started playing one hell of a hypnotic (yeah yeah yeah... i know that adjective is over used for describing this kinda of stuff but there isn't a better fucking word, asshole) bass line I knew that all trite bullshit I waited through was a price worth paying to get my head blown in. Immediately after this line starts to shake the leg of my pants I look to my left and I see another member of the band, also in sunglasses which is only making the idea of sunglasses indoors at 2m seem cooler, hunched over a roadcase filled with electronics next to two reel to reel players fucking insanely with whatever antiquated electronics are located inside that case. Eventually as a steady ride cymbal pulse cut through the drone n bass attack I realized that this was just what my world needed and, needless to say, by the time a telecaster sitting on top of a old fender amp was being mauled and attacked without mercy I was in gawdamn heaven. Seriously I don't think I have ever seen pure acid drone done better ever live, which was only heightened by the fact that at least 2/3 of the band was actually on mushrooms that night. If their set that night was on a 30 year old record we would all be forking over serious fucking cash for it.

Somebody needs to put this band to wax immedately, but seriously the best way to experience this kind of shit is live, loud, and with something working its way through your system to your brain.

Dig it, or don't.