Thursday, April 5, 2007



Regardless of whether or not you know it, I have a weird thing for the Vietnam War that only continues to grow more and more. I have this big theory about the reason why our contemporary culture is borrowing more and more pieces of visual culture (seriously go to the gap... and be confused by how much psych typography and imagery is being used), as well as the obvious sounds being borrowed. The theory basically boils down to this: As our present 'War' seems increasingly analogous to the 'Vietnam War / Conflict' (re: no end in sight, total bullshit, and will be a historical black spot) the 'pop culture' of the time resonates in a much more understandable tone. Sadly this seems to be resonating without the political and social connotations, but then again we live in a 'fuck it' post-ironic world where there idea of making anything actually change just seems pointless... fuck, most of America doesn't even know if it really likes Journey or if it thinks it's being really fucking clever.


I stumbled across the Merry Airbrakes record today (self-titled from '73) and my mind was fucking blown.

It was recorded by a fucking Vietnam vet and is fucking as honest, sincere, and beautiful as it gets. Its not post traumatic acid flashbacks or just bitching. Instead it's down home blues fireside take on the war. It's just simple and complete honesty. I have never heard a record quite like this before, or at least this personal of a take on one's experience at war.

Its worth checking out just for "Draftboard Blues," which is amongst the best songs about the draft ever. Plus "Vigilante Man" is a fucking electric slide blues stomp that will melt yer face off. The fact that the line "no it wasn't anything that id ever smoked" actually appears in the chorus of a song on here is almost too good believe.

CGR has it posted for download here.

Get it now!

I am not going to post the amazing handwritten notes about the album written inside the insert... you gotta downloaded it to read 'em... but they will blow yer mind.

Love in Stuggle!

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