Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am tired (again) and it is late... so this shall be a quick one.

Here is a lil' somethin' somethin' for yalz:

I changed up the 'look' a little bit. Enjoy, fellow art school dropouts.

If you have watched any episodes of the Mighty Boosh yet then go to fucking youtube now and watch ANY of them. If you are nerdy enough to spend your time reading bullshit drivel like mine then you are certainly nerdy enough to watch this. Its killer fucking comedy from the UK in a very classic sense but through the eyes of guys who make jokes about Brian Ferry, sub-genres of jazz, and familiars. Watch it. Now!

I found the most perfect fucking home ever and I want to live in it.

Fucking Laurel Canyon.

I am going to bed.

Expect some big write up about XHOL and Wolfgang Dauner soon, so go ahead and listen to some of their shit now so we can be on the same page when I post it.

Get on America!

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