Sunday, March 4, 2007


So I just got back to LA... and I am fucking completely beat. This weekend marked my first two shows with Sea Wolf and it fucking nuts, at least to me, for a number of reasons (none of which involved high levels of liquor, drugs, or wizardry).

Here are a few:
1. It's weird being in a van with people I barely know for seven hours (which has happened twice already and in exactly a week I will be in the van for fucking 24 hours to make it to Austin). To state the obvious, the vibe is completely different than being in the van with your closest friends in the world. It is not bad AT ALL, just completely different than what I am used to.
2. Dressing rooms are weird. Esp when there are multiple dressing rooms. Period. The only thing that made the dressing room at the Troubadour cool was the fact that Don Henley has almost assuredly done coke there.
3. I am not afraid to admit that having a guitar strapped to my body is basically my safety net. It feels absolutely and totally fucking weird to be on stage and not have that comfort zone AT ALL.
4. San Fransisco looks like NYC on acid. SRSLY!
5. Being given money on which to eat, instead of cooking beans over a camping stove by the side of the highway next to a broken down van, is absolutely fucking weird. If this continues I think I will still find a need and/or desire for occasional homeless style meals, as some of my fondest memories of BTDATDBS tours are the moments where we might as well been bindle toting hobos. Such magnificent times as when we would cok beans and faux hot dogs in a public park while Greg slept under the trees. Often this would lead to even more misadventures, such as Jason and i wondering around which ended in us either gambling or getting lost in a graveyard that somehow the forest led us to.
6. Clinic are old. I saw them without the masks. They are old. Make no mistake. They could be your dad, or at least his BFF.

More will be revealed in time.

In other news...

While listening to headphones I came to the realization that Human Instinct's "Stoned Guitar" might be a tad over-rated. I am, by no means, saying its not fucking awesome. I am, however, saying its not totally fucking awesome. Yes I agree, 'Black Sally' is a great fucking song, the freak-out moments are great, the wah-wah work is fucking spot on, and the feedback on the title track is fucking gnarly BUT the garage cream jamming gets a little old... it's neither amateur enough to be riveting nor good (but bad) enough to be inspiring.. its just kinda limp. DO NOT get me wrong AT ALL it's a great rare early hard rock LP but I think it's mythic status is a bit overwrought simple because the record IS FUCKING TITLED STONED GUITAR!
I really do have a weak spot for garage cream jamming (seriously dude come over we'll get high and do some shitty cream jamming but I get to be Ginger, sorry thats just how it goes BUT if you plan on being Clapton at least have the decency to buy this before you come over), but this just doesn't seem all that inspired really. It sounds more like they are wearing the style of the time without setting into it properly, or maybe they were just too stoned (or their guitar was, get it! ha! motherfucking jokes, son!) to pull it off.
I think the cover sort of does a good at illustrating whats inside, as just like the record itself the cover has a lot of good ideas BUT just kinda falls a little flat. The warped monotone guitar is brilliant, the landscape painting, the typography beautiful, but when it is all put together it looks kinda shitty (but still kinda awesome) and I don't know exactly why... JUST LIKE THE RECORD INSIDE! WHOA!
Sorry if I just shit in your favorite sandwich, brah.

I am ending this transmission now, as the episode of Star Trek with KHAN is on TV right now and he totally just grabbed some girls ass, so y'allz can fuck off.

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Doug said...

i agree that stoned guitar is a bit overrated...
glad to see the shows are going well.