Friday, March 30, 2007

Dearest America:

I apologize for my lack of recent entries, but I have had laptop vs internet issues as of late. They appear, for now, to be fixed so as to allow me to resume attacking your senses with useless information.

So lets begin!

I do not believe that there are many records recorded and mixed better than the orange self-titled Grand Funk LP. Much like the cover the bass is to focal point of the mix and it is absolute PERFECTION. The sound of a cranked tube amp clipping and rounding the Fender Jazz Bass attacking it into square waves then panned hard left. The guitar and drums are fantastic too, but SERIOUSLY listen to the fucking bass sound on this record on record, as I am sure (like the early yes re-masters) that they toned the gnarly on the bass down a bit.

The Mops have been making me very very happy as of late. They are regarded as Japan's 1st psychedelic rock band and released this one killer fucking LP in 1967. Apparently it was impossible to get acid in Japan at the time and so in order to try to achieve a 'higher state of being' they would blindfold themselves and flash strobe lights in their eyes until they had achieved the desired effect. That fact alone makes the record with checking out, as that is serious dedication to the psychedelic experience. The LP is the typical mix of covers and originals one would expect, but the covers are fairly amazing in that they were songs that had barely had time to make their way to Japan. The version of "Somebody to Love" is fucking unreal, but the real gem is their cover of "Inside Looking Out," which sounds less like the Animals original version and more like... oh the cover that Grand Funk does on the orange self-titled LP. Seriously, play them back to back. The originals are killer and sung in their native tongue. Thanks to Kyle for putting this on in the store for me so I could give it a listen.

In other news...
The FRDM! record is coming along... we got a practice space in downtown c'bus and are in the midst of FINALLY get what I have in my head to tape and should be playing shows by... may-ish, or so I hope... but you don't come here to read about that...

100% pro-d00m!
dig it!

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