Monday, March 19, 2007



I did a post about the voyage to SXSW o'er at the new dark ages SXSW blog and then continued to not post a gawdamn thing after that... ooops...

Instead, however, of doing some day by day logical sort of re-cap or overview I am merely going to make a list... yes a fucking list.


1. 2 days in a van sucks. Even if the van is nice and you have your own bench seat. It still sucks. Sitting still sucks. The desert does rule though, everybody knows that.

2. My tolerance and ability to drink has nearly doubled (thank you free drinks, I heart thee) over the last few drink. I flat out cannot believe the volume of alcohol I consumed on Saturday. I thank you various corporations and magazines whom want to see 'FUCKING COOL' so you will spend as much money on my worthless generation as you can so as to get their money (read parents money mostly) as quickly as you can. Product placement rules! Lets go drink So Co in our Levis! PS: I am not bitchin' I saw Vietnam and Redman back to back on their tab.

3. Seeing this:

4. Kevin J. Elliott is a great dude to talk to when you have no idea what show to go to. He will know where to go, and in case of the rare time(s) he doesn't... well then he will join you for a drink.

5. Times New Viking were fucking amazing and it was great to freakout with friends from Columbus whilest they played. PS: How did pitchfork know we were all from Columbus? WTF BRO!

6. Entrance / TOTH / Earthless back-to-fucking-back! I haven't seen Guy (play live) since he went electric and he fucking ripped. The record was solid.. but fucking hell were they great. TOTH melted off my face as per usual, which I fucking neeeeeeeded desperately. Haven't seen any true metal since I left Ohio. Ending with Earthless! FUCK! Seeing Mario play drums in person and did anybody else notice how they miced his drums? WTF! The bonus at this show was bro-ing down with even more Columbus dudes. I remembered why I loved Columbus.

7. Talking to LA dudes about Columbus.

8. Talking to Columbus dudes about LA.

9. Being let down by the Portland / San Fransisco bands I *DID* manage to see.

10. This.

11. Missing most of what I actually cared about because I was busy having fun.

12. I am not good at being interviewed.

13. Etc etc...

So my moms lives in Austin and picked me up at the hotel on Sunday to stay for a few days and on the way home I ask to stop at the Half-Price Books near her house (in some weird suburb north of town) for no specific reason. Well what the fuck do I find but... A COPY OF 'MEDUSA' by TRAPEZE!
I almost paid (arguably) wayyyy to much for it at the last record show, but I scored a copy for 14 bucks. This blew my mind.
If you haven't heard this record download it now... you know how to find it. I will do a big review of it when I get back to Columbus tomorrow.

Finally to top off my 'lil trip to Austin, I got to see a showing of a restored 35mm print of El Topo this evening... with my Mom. Needless to say it was a great fucking close to a hell of a week.

I am still tired.

Tomorrow I return to Columbus after a month of adventure.

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