Friday, March 2, 2007



Are you NOT on drugs? :
Are you NOT on drugs? The band known as 'Explosions in the Sky' are amongst the biggest farces in the world of 'art rock' ever. SRSLY! Get the fuck over it. They got no fucking soul. I have been bitching about this for YEARS so it will come as no shock to most of you but come the fuck on people but I REFUSE to believe that anybody can take this band seriously, seriously.
PS -- way to be making 'jock jams' bros!

I know me saying that is a bit redundant but every time they push a new piece of shit onto the world I get livid seeing ads and reviews everywhere. Plus Temporary Residence usually puts out quality quality jams.

In other news I have been listening to the Mainliner "Mellow Out" disc constantly.

There is no need for me to write anything about this...
Mr Cope already did so here.
And he is better at being verbose than I, so just read his rant.

I plan on spending some time with headphones on in the back of the van digging through some new stuff tomorrow en route to SF, so expect some new text soon.

Piano Tymme.

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B. said...

That record is fuckin' amazing. (Mellow Out, I mean... That's what I'm talking about when I say "fried treble.")