Saturday, March 31, 2007



I am presently at work, sitting up in the booth of sound at the horrid pit of faux-humanity that I sell my soul to for a above market price. They just installed public wifi here and I am fucking taking full advantage of it.

Well.. I just stumbled across this...

At the last record show I picked up a copy of Wildfire 'Smokin' from the mighty Paul 'O Athens, the man who has, or can get, every record you want. It is never cheap, as he has got the best shit at the show PERIOD and knows we want it.
The coolest thing about him, aside from his great taste, is that he will put on ANYTHING and often pulls out stuff you have never heard and demands you hear it. It's the sort of ACTUAL excitement you rarely get from dudes who deal in such rare records, aside from the late, amazing, and soooooo fucking mised Ken Stone.
Wildfire was one of those records that he said " I had to hear" and he was right.
Apparently only 5 copies of it have ever been unearthed, all in plain white sleeves with the band's name and the title written on them. One of Paul's friends found a copy and eventually pressed a limited to 500 re-issue in '96, which is what I purchased.
Fucking killer power trio guitar jamz and its on CD now... and rockadrome has it.
But if you look here you can download it.

The '96 re-issue LP has a very simple sleeve, as at the time nobody had been able to dig up much info on who the members of the band were, etc... so I was absolutely amazed to see that picture of the band as they look absolutely fucking amazing.
Peep that fist waving in the air, the glorious goofy grin, the 'merican flag, and just the pure fucking REALNESS that it encapsulates.

That picutre is what we all wish it looked like when TOTH play.
I think only Matt Miner could pull off that grin...


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chip said...

Thanks for the D/L link. This album is GREAT. I've never heard of this band before.