Monday, April 2, 2007


Summer is fucking here!


High and listening to Little Feat!
It was, after all, started by two ex-members of the Mothers of Invention.

This is the official "Sound of Summer '07" Sound, and remember this through the season. Funky AOR dixie light-rock is the sound of this summer, as I see it. If you are around people who aren't actually down with 'Operation Goodtymes' and you want them to 'get it' (or at least be able to pretend) then light-rock of any format is acceptable.
Atlanta Rhythm Section is another great flavor for this summer, and note their uber jam "I am so in to you" as a reason to dig 'em. "I am so in to you" is way up in my list of mega jamming singles ever, as it has the power to bring to me to my knees in the frozen food section during an attempt to gain a microwave pizza (this is not in way shape or form exaggerated or embellished) at a Big Bear (PS - we miss you) grocery store in the middle of night.

Also start drinking mint juleps, ASAP!

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